The Infoca has been declared extinct This Wednesday at 8:15 p.m. forest fire declared in Mijas in mid-July, it has affected nearly 2,000 hectares.

The fire was declared on the 15th in the area of ​​Higuerón de Mijas and it quickly spread to Alhaurín el Grande and Alhaurín de la Torre, forcing thousands of residents to be evicted.

This fire, which affected almost 2,000 hectares and forced the preventive eviction of more than 2,700 people from their homes, had been under control since last July 19, four days after declaring themselves.

This fire forced to activate the level 1 of the Forest Fire Emergency Plan in Malaga, by the acting Andalusian Government delegate Carmen Casero, before the fire declared in the El Higuerón area.

This level is activated in those fires in which, being able to be controlled with the expected means of extinction, it is estimated that, due to their possible evolution, it is necessary to put into practice measures for the protection of persons and property non-forest nature.

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