The Mijas Local Police is back to premiere and local agents may make use of new vests, helmets or tasers of the latest generation, a renewal of material that is carried out with the intention of facilitate the performance of your daily workas announced on Tuesday by the mayor, Josele González.

This was highlighted by the councilor in the presentation of the new acquisitions, where he was accompanied by the Mayor of the Local Police, Juan Manuel Rosas.

González pointed out that “if a few weeks ago we announced the commissioning of the new state-of-the-art vehiclestoday we present these new tools that come to renew materials available to agents of the motor unit, as is the case of fully certified helmets to alleviate the safety of police officers in the performance of their work.

The mayor has detailed how “in the same way they have acquired new vestsin this case interiors for the plainclothes police usesince they could not make use of the usual ones due to their characteristics, and now they will be able to make use of this fundamental tool for the provision of their services with total security”.

In this sense, and as specified during the appearance, it has been purchased a total of 35 aerodynamically designed full-face helmetsincluding ventilation devices and micrometric closure and that they have the DOT CERTIFIED certification, one of the most demanding approval standards in the United States and Europe.

Likewise, agents may make use of the new state-of-the-art electric guns, since “two years ago two model X2 taser guns were acquired and now, in addition to renewing their batteries, two new model 7s have been incorporated, the latest available on the market”, explained González, in what is a tool “that serves as a bridge for agents between what can be personal defense and the use of weapons in situations of risk”.

In the same way, he pointed out that as of this week all the patrol cars Mijas They will have a metal detector technical glove that will allow the agents to proceed with more security and prevention when having to perform any type of control or cacheor, allowing the agent to detect in advance the discovery of possible weapons for later seizure. All this “for the sake of ensuring the safety of our police officers, while making it difficult for any attempt at crime or misconduct by criminals in our city.”

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