The María Victoria Atencia Cultural Center in Malaga hosts three cultural activities this week, specifically two concerts and a theatrical performance.

Thus, within the framework of the musical cycle ‘Entrance’ of Culturama, the Mexican singer and composer ‘Caloncho’ will present his latest work on Thursday, October 20; while on Saturday the 22nd it will be the turn of saxophonist and composer Daniel Torres.

Likewise, the cycle dedicated to the performing arts at the MVA hosts next Friday, October 21, the play ‘Los invisibles’ by La Coracha Teatro. Free tickets for both shows will be available starting this Monday, October 17, at

Thus, in terms of musical events, on Thursday, October 20, at 8:30 p.m., the María Victoria Atencia Cultural Center receives the Mexican singer and composer ‘Caloncho’ who will present ‘Buen pez’.

This is the fourth studio album by the Sinaloan, a work where the author shows freedom as a guide for creativity and everyday life, which contains the acceptance of the wide range of emotions and situations that occur.

‘Buen pez’ represents the resilient and unexplored side of the singer-songwriter, a work that has the collaboration of friends for his pieces where heartbreak, goodbye, happiness and, obviously, grateful contemplation for the present, are manifested in the result.

Likewise, on Saturday, October 22, at 8:30 p.m., the saxophonist and composer Daniel Torres presents his latest project ‘Stepping Out of Reality’ at the MVA.

This work aims to be a journey through different sounds and sensations, with a repertoire that includes the saxophonist’s latest compositions with very different musical registers that range from music close to bolero, straight ahead jazz, modal jazz… passing through ‘free’ and other musical influences that have gradually shaped this work.

Despite all this musical mix, the set of compositions forms an organic entity that develops a homogeneous, original and attractive musical discourse.

This sextet is made up of Daniel and renowned international jazz musicians from Holland, the United States and Spain: Joris Teepe (double bass), Perico Sambeat (alto sax), Owen Hart Jr (drums), Juan Galiardo (piano) and Carlos Cortés (percussion).

As for the theatre, the Malaga company La Coracha Teatro presents ‘Los invisibles’ on Friday, October 21, at the MVA as part of the Escénik performing arts cycle. The work tells the story of two people whose paths were cut short until they reached the present day; pointing out that they had nothing in common but both became beggars.

They have explained that although they see life on the street in a different way, the two have become invisible to the world and will celebrate the anniversary of their meeting with a colloquium that will make the public reflect. Inma Caballero and Paco Pozo are the actors who star in this play directed by Juan Antonio Hidalgo.

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