The National Court (AN) has accused Lars Gunnar Broberg, husband of the mayor of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz, of alleged crimes of “active membership in a criminal organization” Y “money laundering from drug trafficking. a procedure that has been stopped due to the “physical and mental deterioration” that he suffers, as published by

The media indicates that the open legal case is part of an investigation carried out since last year by the Spanish and Swedish police, which allowed the dismantling of “a presumed criminal organization that exported marijuana and hashish in large quantities from Andalusia to the Nordic country”, and in which on September 29 he called to judge “27 people as members of the network”of which Broberg is supposedly a part.

Thus, the Anti-Drug Prosecutor of the National High Court and the investigating judge indirectly attribute to the Swedish businessman an alleged “crime of “active” membership of a criminal organization and another of money laundering from drug trafficking” allegedly, adding both a sentence that could reach 14 years in prison, according to the newspaper.

In July of last year, a stepson of Muñoz, Joakim Peter Broberg, was arrested in Brazil for being considered “one of the leaders of the criminal organization,” says the newspaper, which has released the processing car, pointing out that the network is allegedly dedicated to “drug trafficking, mainly hashish and marijuana, that export in large quantities from Spain to the Nordic countries, mainly Sweden”. The objective is “to obtain large and rapid profits by making money laundering and concealment activities through the use of third countries.

The media points out that Lars Broberg -Joakim’s father and husband of the mayor-, appears allegedly involved in “the constitution of front companies to carry out real estate operations”, for which “the organization creates the company Altario Investment SL.” in a “money laundering operation” that would have been directed by Joakim “with the knowledge and supervision of his father.”

Likewise, Muñoz’s husband is allegedly linked to “the acquisition of a farm called El Herrojo through a complicated money circulation system, with loan and share swap in which Altario Investement, the company created by Joakim and Lars Gunnar Broberg, would also have participated”, ciphering “the laundered amount, 2,009,820 euros”.

However, within the framework of the investigation, the investigating judge has arrested on proceedings against Lars Broberg due to his state of health and the “physical and mental deterioration” he suffers, being one of the defendants to whom he imposed “a bail of 25 million euros to satisfy possible criminal responsibilities once a sentence was handed down, an obligation that has disappeared after the case against him was stopped.”

In the court case there is also a Marbella Local Police “prosecuted” since there would be “provided restricted information to police use at the request of Joakim Broberg, in exchange for cash.”

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