He Estepona orchidarium It has achieved more than 3 million visits on social networks after the projection of a video on the flowering of the species known as the black orchid, which has made it possible to disseminate the benefits of the space and make it a benchmark on these platforms nationwide. as highlighted by the curator of the space, Manuel Lucas.

Thus, he highlighted that the botanical park is promoted in platforms like Tik Tok, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, where it reveals the activity in terms of the different blooms that take place, as well as the facilities and the environment.

An explanatory video made by Lucas about the flowering of the Fredclarkeara After dark, also called the black orchid and which bloomed last February, has managed to reach 1,500,000 views on its Tik Tok profile and currently has more than 200,000 likes. On the other hand, on Instagram it has managed to reach 1,800,000 views on Reels and the same video already has more than 160,000 likes.

This relevance has led to the Estepona Orquidario becoming “one of the references in social networks in relation to orchids in Spain”, placing it as one of the most popular social networks for the promotion of Estepona, both in Spain and internationally.

“Social networks manage to be a magnificent promotional showcase of a city. In the case of Estepona, it has a differentiating element from the rest of the cities in the area and a unique space such as the Orquidario, both for the building that houses it and for the commitment to the species inside”, Manuel has indicated. Luke.

The curator of the space has highlighted that “in the outings that we have been making from the Orquidario to different orchid fairs, both in Spain and in other countries, we have noticed how promotion on social networks makes our notoriety has increased: many more people know us and in these fairs in which we are present promoting Estepona we are already a benchmark”, he concluded.

Currently, the presence on social networks of the Estepona Orquidario, both on Instagram and on Tik Tok, far exceeds those of other centers such as the Butterfly and Dolphinarium of Benalmádenathe Jardín de la Concepción in Malaga, or the Real Jardín Botánico in Madrid.

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