“Today, finally, the nightmare is over. We welcome the news that the fire is under control. Our greatest gratitude is to the extinction services that have contributed to this, but we also want to express our condolences for the deceased worker, “explained the” Sierra Bermeja National Park Platform “in a statement.

It is not the first time that Sierra Bermeja has burned. Nor will it be the last. 99% of fires are related to human action. It is a recurring fact that unfortunately is part of the dynamics of this mountain.

Recent fires, even more extensive than the current one, such as the one in 1975, left deep wounds in the mountains from which it has been recovering. After the great fire of 1966, which put the Spanish fir at serious risk, the mayors of the region requested the declaration of Sierra Bermeja as a National Park, thinking that this declaration would help preserve its uniqueness.

Sierra Bermeja did not succeed on that occasion. Nor in the subsequent requests for the declaration of a National Park that followed one another over time. Since 2007, a wide series of institutions and groups have repeatedly requested this declaration, which has been denied with totally unjustified reasons. Subsequently, the Board developed a proposal for a National Park for a sister mountain of Sierra Bermeja, the Sierra de las Nieves, incorporating, although without naming it, 36% of Sierra Bermeja in its delimitation, but leaving out its western part, the most valuable from the environmental point of view and the one that has been burned.

Faced with this situation, the Sierra Bermeja National Park Platform proposed something more beneficial for both natural spaces: a national park that would add the two mountains, Nieves and Bermeja. This proposal was not supported by either the PSOE or the PP, despite the broad social and scientific support from the town councils in the area, the Mancomunidad de Municipios Costa del Sol and the Diputación de Málaga.

Faced with the resounding evidence of the injustice that was being committed against Sierra Bermeja, the response of the two majority parties was the same: “it is time for the Sierra de las Nieves project, but as soon as the National Park is approved we will begin to work on its extension to the entire Sierra Bermeja ”. Since the Sierra de las Nieves National Park was approved, no pronouncement on the matter has been heard from the regional and state officials. The two majority parties, which had committed to enlargement, are silent even in the current difficult circumstances.

“The time has come to fulfill what was promised. Faced with an extraordinary situation, politicians must act with extraordinary measures, coordinated and without hesitation or partisan excuses. The moment is now, Sierra Bermeja needs it more than ever ”, they say from the platform.

The expansion of the National Park to include the entire Sierra Bermeja will not put out the fire. But it will mean more vigilance, more control, more resources for prevention and more speed in decision-making. In addition, more possibilities to stop the depopulation process of the Genal Valley, closely linked to this mountain. In the midst of the current desolation, it would provide a light of hope for Sierra Bermeja and the assurance that there will be no lack of means to manage its future

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