The Popular Party (PP) of Mijas has denounced this Friday the “lack of accessibility” of the tourists who arrive in the town in their vehicles, being diverted to the quarry parking lot to be picked up by shuttle buses, as well as criticizing the bad image generated by long queues to access this service, as stated by its president, Ángel Nozal.

The popular has based his complaint on the complaints who has received training from “the hospitality and commerce sectors of Mijas Pueblo”, who have said “enough is enough” before “the unfortunate image that the City Councildirected by Josele González, is giving to the thousands of tourists who are arriving in our town this summer».

Thus, Nozal lamented the “kilometric” queues that occur at the entrances to the municipality, “where there is a real lack of police control that speeds up traffic, with the consequent wear on the vehicle clutch, which causes tourists to turn around or not return to the town any more”, being diverted to the quarry to park and then get on a bus that takes them to the town for free.

To this he added that “the lack of accessibility to the municipality is aggravated by the elevator breakage parking from November 2021 and that of the Plaza Virgen de la Peña”, with which “the elderly people or parents with children in pushchairs It’s getting harder and harder.”

Finally, they also demand that the fountain of the aforementioned square, “which is totally abandoned”, just as it has criticized the “lack of cleanliness”.

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