the secretary of the PSOE of EsteponaEmma Molina, lamented this Thursday that the fire recorded this past Wednesday afternoon in the municipality has shown again that “Estepona is a mousetrap in emergencies”, an event with which he has lamented that the municipality has only had a single entry and exit route.

The socialist has highlighted that when the polygon road cut As a result of the fire – which has been extinguished this Thursday morning -, Spain Avenue was cut off due to the pedestrianization work and the disastrous traffic management in the municipalityit was only possible to enter and leave Estepona through Juan Carlos I avenue.

“It is very dangerous that a city of the size of Estepona has only one entry and exit route for the entire population”, Molina pointed out, who indicated that “these emergencies are highlighting an endemic problem in the municipality such as it is the disastrous management of the roads that make up the road network base of Estepona”.

In this way, he pointed out that “it is not just a matter of traffic flow, we are talking about design a safe city for the neighbors whoin case of emergency, have a guaranteed network of reliable and effective escape routes”.

For this reason, from the PSOE of Estepona they demand that the mayor, José María García Urbano, “reflect and rectify by reversing the pedestrianization project of España Avenue, which will reduce mobility in the municipality, as the citizens demand”, as well as that “a road safety plan that guarantees mobility, traffic flow and sustainability.

“It is useless to have a city with pedestrian zones if the citizens they cannot enter and leave the town smoothly with their vehicles, it is useless to have pedestrian zones, if not accessible by public transport to all points of the municipality and it is useless to have pedestrian zones if it is impossible to reach them safely”, says Molina.

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