The councilors of the Municipal Socialist Group, Blanca Fernández and Antonio Párraga, have requested an urgent action plan in the face of the deterioration and abandonment they suffer the terraces and stairs that connect the Plaza de Toros neighborhood with Fray Agustín de San Pascual street.

The mayor has declared that “the large amount of garbage and dirt on the terraces of the neighborhood, and the lack of sanitation of the gardens”, have caused them to proliferate the presence of insects and rats. The Socialists affirm that it is essential “an urgent plan for the comprehensive cleaning of the entire area, including roads, stairs and gardens, as well as their disinfection and deratization.”

“We believe that it should not be a one-off and dispersed action over time, but that maintenance and cleaning should be improved continuously, so as not to reach this situation of abandonment in which it is currently,” said Fernández.

For his part, Antonio Párraga has pointed out that they have repeatedly demanded the repair of these stairs “due to the poor condition they are in and the danger they pose to citizens.” “The only action carried out by the City Council has been to repair a step and because it hardly existed physically anymore,” he declared.

“From the PSOE we ask the government team of the PP more attention to the bullring neighborhood and its neighbors, and that they do not take so long in their actions in the area.”

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