The secretary general of the PSOE and councilor at the Marbella Town Hall, Blanca Fernández ha demanded of the Government team of Ángeles Muñoz that drives the continuity of the Food Guarantee project, which was launched in a pandemic after the request made by the Socialists.

Fernández has regretted the dire management of the mayor since from the party they assure that during the pandemic year only 26,000 euros of the 130,000 approved were delivered for these aids through purse cards.

Later, in April of this year, the socialist mayor stated that Ángeles Muñoz flooded the media, once again, with her glorious announcements after the renewal of the agreement with the aforementioned organization, even increasing the amount with a total of 180,000 euros. The person in charge of the area has claimed that this help It has only lasted four months.

“The City Council must monitor, control and guarantee that the basic daily needs reach the most needy families”, Fernández concluded.

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