The spokesperson for the municipal socialist group in the City Council of MarbellaJosé Bernal, has announced this Wednesday that will appeal the order of the judge of the National Court, by which it has been “inadmissible” the appearance as popular accusation in the case for alleged drug trafficking and money laundering in which the husband and stepson of the mayoress, Ángeles Muñoz, are being prosecuted.

“We consider that we have the right to it since we do it at the moment in which we have learned enough -and supposed- links of the plot with the City Council”, explained the socialist councillor, who recalled that thanks to the media we have learned “Information that is scandalous from a political point of view.”

Bernal has demanded that the mayoress Clarify why you contracted at least five works with the company Codecosol, that the judge indicates that he was part of the plot for the alleged money laundering obtained with drugs and that it belongs to a person considered the “front man” of his stepson, according to the indictment.

“We want you to clarify, and it has been a long time since I did, if it was her husband often sent her quotes to carry out works, and then the company that proposed him was the winner”, he insisted.

“Did you know the Codecosol relationship with his stepson and that his figurehead was in front, according to the judge?” Bernal asked.

The socialist councilor has also asked Ángeles Muñoz to explain “why you hid a significant increase in assets not only to the Senate, but also to the Marbella City Council itself”.

How did you manage to get a patrimony? valued at more than 12 million euros just with her salary as a family doctor, as she said on television?”, is another question that the PSOE spokesperson has launched.

Why does it appear on Villarejo’s agenda? Why did she meet him? Did the commissioner whom she decorated in 2014 warn you of something? Has your medal been withdrawn? ”, She added.

For Bernal “there are many explanations that still owe us and that we are still waiting, he cannot give silence for an answer while the image of the city deteriorates every day more for their goings-on”.

The socialist councilor has also asked Muñoz “why the judge of the National Court who is investigating the case for alleged drug trafficking and money laundering has repossessed three properties if, as she says, she is not involved”.

We want to know the reason for all these scandals that are damaging Marbella at a time of recovery after the pandemic”, he has had an impact.

Finally, Bernal wanted to clarify to the municipal spokesman, Félix Romero, after his press conference this morning, that “the bad people are the ones who traffic drugs that kills a lot of people, the ones that later get rich by laundering the money who win and also those who associate with this type of delinquents”.

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