The mayor of Playas and first deputy mayor of the Mijas Town Hall, José Carlos Martín, announced this Wednesday that he has already Started full-time rescue and lifeguard service coinciding with the beginning of June, with which 83 professionals will ensure safety on the coast until September.

The mayor has indicated that “we have a complete benefit that has been incorporated until ‘life saving drones’ capable of airlifting inflatable vests for times when a rescue or a bather is in trouble, being a fast mechanism when it comes to reaching him”.

In this way, they can be done with faster actions, to which is added an important human capital with almost a hundred lifeguards. A total of 83 troops will watch over the beaches of Mijas this summer having reinforced their training also by the winning company ‘Socorrismo Málaga’, in charge of the service.

“We have the better trained professionals and all the means available to users to continue being one of the safer coasts of Andalusia and Spain”, assured the first deputy mayor.

Thus, the staff is prepared to face any type of event that may occur, since it adds 3 jet skis located one in El Charcón, another in La Cala and the other in Playa la Luna, where in this way security can be guaranteed throughout the entire length of the municipality. In turn, there is incorporated into the service a ambulance that is a basic life supportwith a nurse and two technicians.

The coastline is divided into 53 zones where lifeguards will be deployed daily from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. from June to September (inclusive). “Our lifeguard service, like every year, is perfectly equipped and has some excellent professionals”.

“Year after year we work so that the beaches are in perfect condition so that our users and visitors can enjoy that tranquility that they must have when they come to enjoy them”, added Martín.

The mayor has valued “the quality of the Mijas coastwhich has allowed the city to hold 3 blue flags, 9 Q for Quality, one ISO14001, plus a trail and a blue center.”

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