The owners of the development ‘The Edge by Kronos Homes’, located in Estepona, have allegedly reported that the prestigious architect with whom the real estate developer is promoted, Rafael de La-Hoz, “did not sign the final project report”being a building that presents “multiple work failures and construction defects”, according to the ‘platform of those affected by Kronos Homes’ (PAK).

The group has highlighted that the discovery has been produced after carrying out “an exhaustive study of Artuquitec”, noting that “the famous person only appears in the embryonic phase of construction, so that they feel “ripped off”.

As they have pointed out from the collective, “the building began to be commercialized in 2017 and with the arrival of the first neighbors to their homes, they began to realize the multitude of work failures and construction defects”.

The president of the community of The Egde, Luis Benavente, has indicated that after claim the conditions in which both the houses were such as the common areas to the real estate developer and request solutions, Kronos “responded evasively with the aim of meeting the deadlines for evade the after-sales guarantee and not pay for the repairs”.

“The negotiations started very late. We have been lengthening the deadlines for not bear the costs of all damages and malfunctions that we detected at the beginning”, he lamented, explaining that for this reason the neighbors “hire the services of the architecture studio Artuquitecto prepare an objective report with which to demonstrate all the damage that there is in the building ”.

In this sense, it has advanced that “when the report is finishedwe will formalize the denounce because this is a sinvivir”.

For his part, the person in charge of preparing the study, Arturo Ruiz, has indicated that “only the final meticulous tests remain in the homes and common areas to finish the report, but after collecting the pertinent documentation that will be included in the final work, it has already been demonstrated that contrary to what is promotedRafael de La-Hoz did not develop The Edge”. In addition, he added that together with “the innumerable damages and construction pathologies, the materials used do not match what was specified in the initial project and are of poor quality”.

“As we have been able corroborate, Rafael de La-Hoz did not carry out the entire project, Rather, another team of technicians from the Málaga studio, HCP, was hired”, stressed Ruiz, who stressed that “andthe prestigious architect It was only in the embryonic phase, in which the license was obtained from the Estepona Town Hall”.

Thus, he has stated that “is not present in the development and execution of the building Y He did not subscribe to the end of the work either”, so that “it could only be held responsible for some of the design flaws at the beginning of the project”.

The person responsible for preparing the study also states that “we have documented that when Rafael de La-Hoz left the project, the qualities diminished to the benefit of the promoter, since the company was able to spend less on the work by hiring the other technicians”.

In addition, he has assessed that “it seems that the Fundamental items of the arrangements they do not want to negotiatethey simply want to fix cosmetic damage, but there is vital damage that can become structural and that is dangerous such as general humidity in the building”.

This newspaper has unsuccessfully tried to contact the promoter ‘The Edge by Kronos Homes’ to collect their version of the facts denounced.

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