The burst pipe supply in high in the community area of ​​Las Adelfas and El Chaparral de Mijas, has caused the flooding of water in some streets and a section of the Autovía del Mediterráneo A-7which has occurred due to the deterioration of the infrastructure, and which is currently being repaired by the public company Acosol, dependent on the Commonwealth of Municipalities of the Western Costa del Sol, as reported by the agency on Tuesday.

As they have indicated, the accidental breakage of the second supply pipe in high occurred at dawn today, being “the only one that remains operational for the supply in high of the joint municipalities of the eastern branch and connection with Málaga”.

From Acosol they have explained that the breakdown has occurred due to “the deterioration and age of said pipe”, for which they have indicated that “the Acosol workers have been evaluating the situation from the first hour and carrying out the maneuvers necessary to fix the breakage as soon as possible”.

However, from the public company they have lamented that “due to its magnitude, there have been flooded the streets and some section of the highway del Mediterráneo A-7″, for which he thanked the “understanding” of the users and asked apologize for the inconvenience.

Likewise, from Acosol they have highlighted that, as long as they do not change and double the current pipelines by the competent administrations, which have already exceeded their useful life, these situations may occur more frequently, there being a real supply risk on the Costa del Sol.

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