The judicial administration of the assets of Juan Antonio Roca, the mastermind of the corruption plot of the Malaya case in Marbella, has sold real estate and property of the companies linked to the convicted person for a value of 41.3 million euros.

Hotels in operation, a collection of carriages, recreational farms, agricultural production, single-family homes in unique places, are some of the goods belonging to the mercantile companies of the network linked to Roca that have been sold.

In April 2016 the portal was created (http: where offered Roca goods worth 75 million euros and it was anticipated that the money would be used to pay the civil liabilities of the convicted person in the Malaya case and other legal proceedings.

Roca’s assets have been subjected throughout these years to a judicial administrator who has tried to sell the assets under the best conditions and thus be able to attend to the civil and criminal responsibilities of the convicted person.

On the web they have been bought hotels, commercial premises, berths and numerous weapons (rifles, shotguns and revolvers), from the oldest, a 7mm caliber Blasser rifle, to the most modern, a Miroku carbine with lever system and rod magazine.

The money collected has already been delivered almost entirely to those affected, more than 31.3 million euros have already been paid to the Marbella City Council, and it remains pending delivery of almost 600,000 euros for a farm, as judicial sources have informed EFE.

Others 8.2 million have gone to the Tax Agency and 496,668.17 euros have been used for the payment of civil liabilities before that same fiscal body but specifically for the Malaya case.

In addition, others 621,000 euros to pay fines for other defendants and 23,725 euros for the Minutes case, on irregularities in the work carried out by the lawyer José María del Nido to the Marbella City Council.

Individuals, collectors and investors have been able to bid, but before buying the Court of the First Section of the Malaga Court has had to authorize the sales of the web, a pioneering idea in Spain and that caused the interest of the National Court.

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