The Commercial Court number 1 of Marbella has decreed the launch or closure of a part of the five-star hotel Guadalpín Banús that includes the kitchens, among other spaces, after the lawsuit filed by a new owner and that the workforce has achieved this Thursday paralyze after being locked up in the catering facilities.

The construction of the tourist establishment dates from 2004, which presents “a bit of complication in terms of the properties because it belongs to many owners“Who own” rooms or premises “and operate a company, as explained by the director, Ramón Pons hours after the confinement.

As detailed, “on Monday we were notified that they were launching new owners who have bought some farms within the hotel ”, of which he has indicated that “They bought a package of rooms and premises”. The judicial commission has appeared this Thursday at the five-star hotel to carry out the launch, but it was not finally carried out although “it has not been suspended”, a day in which the hotel “is full”.

After purchasing, you have indicated that the new property “was negotiating with the operator and they did not agree to rent their rooms, so they closed them and tThey also requested the closure of their premises ”, closing the latter “on July 5”, and comprising “the restaurant” of the five stars.

“They consider that the farm is theirs, in fact in the deeds they are larger than what corresponds to these premises, and they have requested a new launch of more meters “, has pointed out the manager, who has indicated that within “those meters that they demand It is part of the hotel such as the kitchens or the corridors, and that they correspond to another property owned by another owner, which is the hotel property, so we cannot give it to you because we consider that it is not yours ”.

Thus, he stressed that it has been proposed “settle in a court, the two owners provide their registration certificates and have a judge say where the boundaries go, but they don’t want to wait and today they have appeared here with the judicial commission to take possession of the kitchens ”.

Pons has stated that the situation “greatly affects the workforce” of 175 people, highlighting “the concern that everyone has.” “They are very sensitized and worried because they are aware that their jobs are at stake here “, has added the hotel manager in relation to the workers.

The Secretary of Services of Malaga of the CCOO union, Lola Villaba, has indicated that the new buyer “has filed a complaint and demands more meters“, Among which is the kitchen, something that has not come to value, but has remarked that” what we want is that give time and space to elucidate in court what is yours and what about the other party, who is the owner of the hotel estate ”.

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