The Marina Virgen del Carmen de Marbella (Málaga) has reinforced its sustainability in the field of the environment with the execution of more than 230 square meters of vertical gardens and low-consumption LED lighting.

The mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, visited the performances and highlighted “the important transformation that the nautical area has undergone in the last 15 yearsthe result of a large investment and a firm and determined commitment by the government team”.

In a statement, he pointed out that “the effort made what he has sought is to encourage it to be a absolutely essential enclave as a necessary visit in the center of the city” and has indicated that “few marinas have surroundings as beautiful as this one”.

The councilor has affected the benefits for the quality of life which will mean the new vertical gardens that, for every square meter, will produce the oxygen that one person needs per day, will process 0.25 kilos of heavy metals, will filter 0.7 tons of harmful gases and will retain 0.14 kilos of dust in suspension .

In the case of the marina, these amounts will rise to the 1.6 tons per year of harmful gases and the 32 tons of dust in suspension. “To these advantages are added others such as the increase in biodiversity, the creation of new habitats for animal species or the improvement in the aesthetics of the nautical enclosure”, he has valued.

Muñoz recalled that “before 2007 it was a point of conflict, a difficult place to move forward and where all the premises were without any commercial use”. “There was a clear abandonment in the infrastructure itself and in terms of management”, he pointed out.

Thus, he stressed that the transformation carried out “has been a collective successfrom the remodeling of the terraces themselves so that they are integrated into the port and that it is a great tourist attraction and that these 375 berths mean that many boats have this space as a place of reference or to spend a few days”.

“This has been possible thanks to a detailed plandetailed and, moreover, with a very measured strategy”, asserted the mayor, while underlining that “investment has been constant in aspects such as the issue of modifying the waiting dock and the possibility of improvements in the coat, among others.

“Today we have a self-sufficient portwith the ability to carry out their own investments, something that had never been seen before”, Muñoz stated, emphasizing that “good economic management generates a very positive impact, creating jobs and opportunities”. In addition, he detailed that the enclosure has more than 60 commercial premises.

With regard to the scope of sustainabilitythe latest actions have entailed “a great transformation so that all lighting points are LED”.

In terms of ornamentation, he pointed out that “Marbella has been one of the first cities to opt for a new technique and, furthermore, easy to maintain and very bright”. “In this case, vertical gardens have the particularity that practically the flowers do not have to be replaced, except in 5 or 10% of cases and this represents a great saving in what are seasonal flowers,” he said. . In this regard, he has added that “they give an image closely linked to a city like ours where leafiness, color and vegetation are a tourist attraction.”

Finally, it has been announced that the Puerto Deportivo de Marbella is also renewing its corporate image, “as yet another incentive”. Specific, the new aesthetic is “simpler and more visual but that maintains the essence of the traditional brand using the same colors and a theme linked to maritime activity”. Thus, instead of the blue, orange and white leaves, the new logo simulates a sailing ship that is pushed by wind.

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