The works of public park in the Las Mesas sector of Estepona are 50% executed, a performance that has had a budget of 790,000 euros and that they will provide the municipality with a new green lung and outdoor leisure space, as announced this Friday by the mayor, José María García Urbano.

This has been highlighted by the councilor in a visit you have made to the workswhere he was accompanied by the deputy mayor of the Services and External Control area, Blas Ruzafa, pointing out that Las Mesas is one of the areas that is experiencing the greatest growth in the city, located to the north between Latonia and Tres Banderas streets.

The mayor has highlighted the relevance that this facility will have for the city and explained that “the commitment that the City Council is making for the quality of life goes hand in handundoubtedly to the creation of green and leisure areas and quality public spaces for the citizen”.

In this case, the City Council has valued a plot that was in disuse and in which there was an old reservoir for storing water. For this, the work has included in a first phase the filling and conditioning of the old reservoir using the land from the annexed excavation of the new Las Mesas deposit, which is being built by Hidralia.

Thus, instead of transferring said land to the landfill, reused to fill the old raft and prepare said area to undertake the execution of the second construction phase of the park, which began last September.

This new ‘green lung’ has an area of ​​16,500 square meters, which will mostly be green and landscaped areas, which reinforces the ‘Estepona, Garden of the Costa del Sol’ project. In addition, it will have squares, stands, playgrounds, areas for outdoor sports and an artificial lake. The works are expected to be completed by the end of next March.

Also, it contemplates the plantation of autochthonous, shrubby, lively, upholstery and climbing species in an approximate area of ​​3,700 square metres, which represents 32% of the landscaped soft surface. The distribution of these has been made taking into account the existing free spaces in each area of ​​land designed for its specific plantation, between lakes and slope areas and the rest of the naturalized area.

The objective sought with the planting of shrubs and other species is to bring naturalness to the whole, color and greater coverage of natural terrain. Likewise, forest areas have been designed on the steep slopes facing east and southeast, whose composition has been those of tree plantations of Mediterranean origin for greater soil cover and to avoid superficial erosion. Other species will also be planted, such as palm trees and the like, which will be used, mainly in more humid areas.

It has been projected artificial lake, which will be located south of the civic square, and that it has been configured in four levels. These levels are joined by three waterfalls in the form of a cascade with a drop of one meter to bridge the approximate height difference (from the beginning to the end) of 4 meters. The lake will also present two sets of water and a contribution of water in the upper parts to induce a laminar cascade in the different falls.

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