The works for the second public car park in Estepona, that will cost 1 euro a day for the user, they are around 90% of execution.

This project, which is being developing in the surroundings of the Chess square, will have a total of 500 parking spaces; half of them in rotation and the other part will be property for registered in the city.

In this regard, the City Council has open the call for the award of the 26 places in property that remain vacant at this time. Those interested can access this information at the electronic headquarters of the City Council, on the municipal website.

This car park joins the project launched by the City Council of facilitate parking for citizens with a network of car parks with a cost of one euro a day for the user; at the same time that a social work is carried out, since these facilities are managed by the Association in Favor of People with Functional Diversity of Estepona (Aprona), thus favoring the City Council the labor integration of this group.

Is network of car parks has in its entirety more than 1,250 spaces located in the central Antonia Guerrero square, San Lorenzo avenue and the Athletics Stadium, they have specified from the City Council in a statement.

On the other hand, among the actions that will be undertaken with this project is the comprehensive remodeling of the adjoining streets Mallorca, Menorca and Francisco Gutiérrez. In addition, the surface of the square and the garden areas will be beautified, improvements to the sewerage network with a new sewage and rainwater collector, replacement of deteriorated elements in the water supply network, a new network of public lighting, repair and replacement of electricity services, as well as improvements in telecommunications infrastructures.

This project is included in the municipal plan launched to mobilize 80 million euros in productive investments that generate employment in the city and stimulate the local economy. Likewise, the company awarded the works contributes 0.7% of this contract to the municipal coffers, which amounts to a total of 11.6 million euros, which will be used for social purposes, “as a result of the pioneering initiative of the Consistory to include in all municipal bidding documents a clause to prioritize the award of public contracts to companies that undertake to pay said percentage “.

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