The delegate councilor for Infrastructure and Works in the local council, Diego José Jiménez, has visited Miraflores Avenue, in this case accompanied by the mayor, Mario Jiménez, by the delegate of Commerce, Francisco Becerra and the area director, Mari Ángeles Ramos, to report on the completion of the works. Throughout the afternoon, this road will be inaugurated and open to traffic with all the benefits and guarantees to be used.

The head of the delegation wanted to remember all the efforts made in this important area of ​​the municipality, which has allowed the complete improvement of all the entrails of the road, while restoring the aesthetics and the good use of the surface.

As expressed by the first manilveño mayor, it was a municipal obligation to undertake these works, which allow a very complete total remodeling of all the elements, including a greater evacuation of rainwater to the sea and more parking areas.

Both municipal officials considered completed a job that they hope will be to the liking of all users and neighbors. They also took the opportunity to apologize for the inconvenience caused to date.

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