The Junta de Andalucía has started the works for the Comprehensive reform of the old Marbella Town Planning headquarters in the stage of the Grupo Independiente Liberal (GIL), located on Ricardo Soriano avenue, an action that aims to reconvert the space into a Primary Care health center with a budget of 1.9 million and an execution period of 12 months, as the mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, has advanced this Thursday.

This has been highlighted by the councilor in a visit you have made to the future health centerwhere she was accompanied by the Health delegate of the Board in Malaga, Carlos Bautista, and the president of the El Calvario-Huerta Belón Neighborhood Association, Maribel Notario.

The future health center will have a built area of ​​1,928.65 square metersand will be equipped with 24 queries, 10 waiting rooms, Obstetrics, Pediatrics, Physiotherapy, Diagnostic imaging, Rehabilitationa teaching room, a library, a meeting room and a citizen service point.

During his speech, Muñoz detailed that thanks to a “collaboration agreement” reached between the City Council and the Ministry of Health, the Consistory “is going to contribute with own funds 1.9 million euros, what is the cost of the remodeling work”, while on the part of the Board “the commitment is to provide the health center with staff.”

In addition, he pointed out that “thanks to a distribution agreement with the rest of the health centersthere will also be a space improvement both in Leganitos and in Las Albarizas”.

The mayor highlighted the “administrative Procedure” carried out to be able to reform the premises in order to implement a future health center in the center of Marbella, remembering that “in the building was the headquarters of Urbanism of the government team of the GIL, Y therefore, it was very significant that it recovered for Marbella”.

In this sense, the councilor has indicated that when took the baton in 2007, the debt inherited by Gil was “huge” and the City Council “did not have the capacity to be able to return to the administrations, to small and medium-sized entrepreneurs or to the banks” all the debt left by the previous government team.

For this reason, he recalled that in a negotiation between the Consistory and the Junta de Andalucía to return the 100 million that the Autonomous Administration gave the manager after the dissolution of the City Council and its intervention by the State, the City Council “disposed of real estate” to face a debt of 14 million euros, among which was the old headquarters of Urbanism.

According to the mayor, the building “was valued at around 6 million euros“, becoming “the heritage of the Junta de Andalucía”, to which Muñoz herself requested “to give it to the Marbella Town Hall to make it a facilitysince it had not been invested during the 15 years of Gil’s government” in the city.

The councilor has indicated that the Consistory tried “reach an agreement so that the building will not be auctioned and not pass into private hands and that it could be a facility”, lamenting that “since 2009, when the transfer of the building was processed, until 2019, when Juanma Moreno became president, I was fighting over and over again once so it wouldn’t be sold.”

At this point, he pointed out that during the socialist mandates in the Junta de Andalucía The property was auctioned twice.remaining “deserted”, while recalling the “compromise” that Moreno adopted in 2018 to allocate the building to health facilities if he agreed to preside over the Andalusian Parliament, as well as the collection of signatures by the residents.

For his part, the Health delegate of the Board in Malaga, Carlos Bautista, declared that the Andalusian Government will provide the future center with “equipment and redistribution of places and quotas depending on where the population lives”, as well as will have technology so that has celebrated that space will solve the problems registered by the city in the health field.

Bautista has also advanced that the Ricardo Soriano health center will be inaugurated in parallel with the expansion of the Costa del Sol hospital, highlighting that “Marbella is going to have, and in a very short time, those health provisions that should have had Many years ago”.

The director of public works of the company awarded the works, Bilba, José Soler, has indicated that the action will consist of “the integral reform of the building, which is on three levels”, contemplating “The complete demolition of false ceilings or partitions to leave it raw”, as well as the adaptation of the property “to the new health center”.

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