The XXII International Fantastic Film Week of the Costa del Sol has closed with the awards ceremony by the Cinematographic and Cultural Association of the Costa del Sol Unicorn, organizer of the festival.

Due to the suspension of cultural events in Estepona due to the situation generated by the Sierra Bermeja fire, the handover took place during a private act with the winners and without means of communication, held in the hotel Ona Valle Romano Golf & Resort.

The record is as follows:

  • Unicorn Award for Best Visual Effects to ADAM C. SAGER for the visual effects for the film“FRANK AND ZED” by JESSE BLANCHARD.
  • Unicorn Award for Best Performance to VICTOR RIVAS for his interpretation of the film “CARVER” by Evgeny Yablokov.
  • David Geary Unicorn Award for Best Music to Jesús Calderón for his composition for the film “LA MANCHA NEGRA” by ENRIQUE GARCÍA.
  • Unicorn Special Award Gastronomic Days tol Restaurant LA BOQUERONA.
  • Azpiri Award for Best Cartoonist 2021 NACHO FERNÁNDEZ.
  • Lumiere Medal to SERGIO ARRANZ.
  • Best Andalusian Short Film Award. For David Cervera and Pepe Puertas for its short “La Guacha”.
  • Best Short Film Award. ForJonathan Ofekpor its short “The Neighborg’s Dog”.
  • Unicorn Award for Best Photography. For Jose Antonio Crespillo for his photography for the film “THE BLACK STAIN”
  • Jury Awards to FERNANDO CAYO.
  • Unicorn Award for Best Screenplay to Miguel Forza de Pauls for the movie “10 PALOMAS” by TAMAE GARATEGUY.
  • Award for the Best TV Series 2021, “30 Coins” By Alex de la Iglesia.
  • Unicorn Award for Best Direction to TAMAE GARATEGUY for the movie “10 DOVES”
  • ASFAAN Maria Barranco Award.
  • Unicorn Award for Best Film to “FRANK AND ZED” by JESSE BLANCHARD.
  • 2021 Special Unicorn Award to Asia Argento
  • Unicorn of Honor 2021 JAIME BLANCH.
The actors Fernando Cayo and Paco Tous.

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