The raised groyne platform has called a concentration for next May 5, an initiative that aims to ask the central government to undertakes the stabilization projects of the beaches of Marbellaas declared this Thursday by the president, Miguel Lima.

This has been highlighted by the representative of the group prior to a meeting that the platform has held with the mayor of the city, Ángeles Muñoz, in which the situation of the Marbella coast after the last storm of Levante and the status of the projects.

Lima has indicated that the platform has requested the General Directorate of Coasts in Malaga, dependent on the Ministry of Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge; a meeting that is expected to be held “next week”, ensuring that if it does not come out of it “a commitment to act quickly and urgently” from the group “we are going to take buses and we will go to Saint Peter with kitchen instruments and tambourines to make noise”.

“Let’s start going outsidewe have been very discreet and very gullible every time a minister has come here or we have gone to Madrid, they have been nice words, but the storms come and take away the promenade”, lamented the president of the platform, who has warned that “Let’s start to hit hard.”

In this way, it has advanced that the first measure that is planned is a “concentration” that will be convened for next May 5, and which aims torequire Costas to urgently stabilize the beach based on breakwaters” and that includes in the project “the beaches of La Bajadilla, San Ramón and La Venus because they are the most popular and the ones that the people of Marbella have always used”. On the other hand, he has indicated that it is planned to hold “a concentration in San Pedro along the beach”, for which he has assured that the platform is being “coordinated with associations”.

“Our politicians are very correct, but I am aware that the people on the street are not so patient and are very tired. She feels quite neglected after so many promises” lamented Lima.

For her part, the mayor has pointed out that “it is a popular sentiment of all citizens to see how for a long time the definitive solution of the beaches should have been adopted”, emphasizing that “a tourist city like ours, with 150,000 inhabitants, where we live from tourism and our beaches one more day cannot be allowed not to have a firm commitment”.

Muñoz explained in the meeting held with the members of the platform the “study” being carried out by the Ministry to stabilize the coastline, and which he specified was communicated by the Secretary of State at the last meeting held; which is projected in the “medium and long term” with a horizon of 2045 and 2100 respectively.

“We understand that they have to be done studies of this nature through European funds, but Marbella needs now that it can be done and there they did not give us any security”, highlighted the first mayor in relation to the stabilization projects that are pending bidding.

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