The members of the Infoca Plan continue working to extinguish the Sierra Bermeja fire, which was considered controlled this past Tuesday. Thus, they continue to liquidate each hot spot.

From the Infoca Plan they have reported on their Twitter account, consulted by Europa Press, that “no matter how small, the tiny threads of smoke remind us of the passing of the fire and that, even if mortally wounded, he is still breathing.”

During the night of last Tuesday and this morning, 70 forest firefighters, three environmental agents, a firefighting technician, the Transmissions and Meteorology Unit, the Medical Unit and five fire trucks have worked.

The fire, which broke out last Wednesday night, has affected some 9,670 hectares of several Malaga municipalities, forced the eviction of more than 2,600 people and cost the life of an Infoca forest firefighter, in addition two others were injured.

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