Agents of the National Police have dismantled in San Pedro Alcántarain Marbella (Málaga), a ‘coffee shop’ presumably dedicated to sale and consumption of narcotic substances and two workers have been arrested for their alleged involvement in drug trafficking.

In the registry carried out in the establishment they have been seized 667 grams of marijuana, 489 grams of hashish and 168 marijuana joint cigarettesas well as 1,170 euros and various documentation.

It was not the first time that such illegal activity was known. in this place, because as reported by the Provincial Police Station in a statement, it has already been registered on two previous occasions this year.

This investigation was initiated as a result of the agents learning again that in an establishment in Marbella there would be carrying out the distribution of narcoticsas well as the consumption of such substances on the premises.

The first investigations led the agents to verify the transfer of people who came to the premises and there they supposedly acquired and consumed the drug. In the vicinity of the place, the agents carried out more than a dozen records of narcotics apprehension among clients.

Once those responsible for the business had been identified and all the extremes had been verified, on the 18th, the Investigating Court number 5 of Marbella, which heard the case authorized the entry and search of the premises.

As a result of the operation, the agents The two workers were arrested. who were in the premises, as allegedly responsible for a crime against public health. Likewise, they located inside four clients consuming narcotic substances, specifically, hashish and marijuana.

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