The Marbella Local Police have located almost 25 kilos of marijuana in a vehicle that was parked at dawn with one of the doors open and without a driver. The agents noticed that the Porsche brand tourism was giving off a strong smell of this substance.

The police action took place at the end of this month of August in the area of ​​the neighborhood of the Chapas. It was 6 in the morning when they proceeded to search the car, inside which they detected several bags in the trunk and in the rear seats. The officers located the drug, which dropped an approximate weight of 25 kilos.

The police also found inside the vehicle documentation in the name of a 35-year-old German citizen, but they did not locate the person to whom, supposedly, it belonged. There were, in addition, notifications of administrative files for having been sanctioned previously by the Local Police. The Porsche ended up being taken off public roads by the tow truck.

Narcos who used a Nordic moving company

On the other hand, just a few weeks ago, a police operation allowed the dismantling of a group of Swedish drug traffickers who used a Nordic moving company based in Malaga and Alicante to transport the drug between both countries hidden between the legal charges.

The investigation adds 71 ​​detainees in four phases in which a total of 1,700 kilos of hashish, 500 of marijuana, 55,000 units of an opiate used as a substitute for heroin, five kilos of cocaine, another 23 of amphetamine, two submachine guns, a rifle, eight small arms, a hand grenade, five air pistols and 400 cartridges.

The investigation started at the end of 2018 after a request from the Swedish authorities for several European Investigation Orders about a group of individuals from that country who regularly came to Spain to negotiate the purchase of drug consignments.

The first indications suggested that these people were directly related to criminal groups that are currently sand they dispute control of the distribution of narcotics in cities like Stockholm and Gothenburg, a war has killed around 50 people a year due to settling of accounts.

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