The Fuerte Hotels Group reported this Thursday discovery of human remains that could date from the 17th or 18th centuries during the works that are being undertaken for the expansion of the Hotel Fuerte Marbella, in the surroundings of the Fort of San Luis in this city of Malaga.

In accordance with the provisions of the authorization file for the preventive archaeological activity of archaeological analysis of emerging structures and control of earthworks for the expansion of the hotel, approved by the Ministries of Culture and Historical Heritage and Development, Infrastructures and Territory Planning; in relation to the enhancement and recovery works of Fort San Luis, declared a Site of Cultural Interest, the company has informed the authorities of these findings in the vicinity of the historic building.

The archaeologist in charge of the construction supervisionJosé Antonio Valiente, in collaboration with the public officials responsible for monitoring the aforementioned file, is working on the dating of this vestige.

The enhancement of Fort San Luis It is part of the renovation project of the El Fuerte hotel, which houses this important Marbella monument, which is registered in the General Catalog of Andalusian Historical Heritage.

The Hotel Fuerte Marbella, which will be renamed El Fuerte Marbella, as it is known by the citizens of Malaga; carries rigged a complete renovation that will make it a five star establishment and whose doors are expected to reopen in March 2023.

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