A team of archaeologists has located this Tuesday a “possible Civil War artifact” in the surroundings of Las Termas Romanas, in the Guadalmina de San Pedro Alcántara urbanization, which “has been removed by the TEDAX troops”, as confirmed by the National Police.

The discovery took place this morning around 10:45 a.m., which led to the displacement of police officers and the cordon off the area until approximately 1:30 p.m.

Miguel Vila is one of the archaeologists from a private company that works in the area, who has explained that the location of the projectile is part of the work being done to restore a wall that separates the dwelling What is on the plot where the historic site of the beach stands, and which was demolished by the 2021 storm.

As he pointed out, the closure of the house “implies a earth movement and a foundation”, so the team of experts strives to “assess the subsoil and see if there are archaeological remains in that area” to allow the work. “Since they are very close to Las Termas, it would be normal to find some Roman remains, but so far this has not been the case,” he remarked.

In one of the surveys carried out, he pointed out that “the projectile has appeared” on a beach in San Pedro Alcánatra (Marbella), which at first they thought could be “an iron pipe or some service infrastructure”, he indicated.

The artifact has been found on the beach

The artifact has been found on the beach


Maria Jesus Serrano


“We have been cleaning it carefully, but without knowing what it was, but when we have delimited and we have seen that it was a freestanding piece that did not have continuitywe have considered that we are dealing with something else, and we have called the National Police”, he pointed out, remarking that it was the TEDAX that “have recovered and taken it away”, although “they have not detonated it there”.

The archaeologist has highlighted that the projectile possibly from the Civil War, arguing that “no other war episode is known in the area”, as well as “the type of ammunition”. To this he has added that “it is not an area in which a military maneuver has been carried out on a recurring basis”, so “the most sensible thing” is to think that it belongs to this period.

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