The National Police has arrested two men, ages 30 and 39, that after stabbing another they fled swimming in the port fishing boat in the Malaga town of Marbella.

According to the investigations, those arrested were caught cutting the mooring ropes of a ship and, when they were recriminated by two witnesses, they were threatened with a bladed weapon and a firearm, that turned out to be simulated, the Police have reported.

during the escape Through the pontoon area they came across another user of the facilities who they also threatened and they tried to take the phone he was carrying and in the struggle between this person and one of the detainees they rushed to a docked boat where the witness was wounded in the thorax with a knife.

The injured victim had to be assisted by an ambulance at the scene and later transferred to a hospital. The detainees are being investigated as allegedly responsible for the crimes of injuries and threats.

The events occurred on June 7, around 9:00 p.m., at the port facilities when the alleged criminals were caught cutting the rope of a mooring.

As a result, two men (one of them an off-duty national police officer) reproached them for their attitude but they responded with threats with a knife and a firearm, while demanding the handing over their phones thinking they had been recorded.

Next, the off-duty agent and his companion they chased the suspects that, while trying to flee the place, they ran into another user of the facilities that he was speaking on his mobile phone.

Upon reaching him, one of them demanded that he hand over the terminal, while threatening him, and a struggle ensued that led to both rushing into a docked boat.

At that moment, the national police officer arrived at the scene of the attack and, after identifying himself as such, tried to arrest the attackers -both had thrown into the sea the gun and the knife– that they had thrown themselves into the water.

The off-duty agent had to chase them by swimming until the arrival of the members of a “Zeta” police vehicleThey managed to catch up with them and stop them.

The two investigated were transferred to a medical center for assistancebefore entering as detainees at the Local Police Station in Marbella.

Fire Divers

To recover the weapon and the knife thrown into the sea, the urgent collaboration of a diver of the Marbella Fire Brigade.

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