The course begins and the time to buy and review the school supplies. Before starting to buy uncontrollably, we must check what we can reuse from previous course and make a list of what we are missing.

Reducing purchases and reusing material is the best option from an environmental and economic point of view. There are a lot of elements that we can continue to use, from backpacks, cases, rulers, calculators, dictionaries. But what about the rest of the school supplies that we can no longer use? From the Costa del Sol Environmental Complex they explain to us what you can do with this and how to recycle correctly.

You can deliver your textbooks from the previous course so that younger students continue to use them. In case they no longer serve, they should go to the blue container. Remember that if they are lined you will have to remove the cover and take it to the clean point.

Something similar happens with notebooks, the ideal is tear off the written sheets and continue using the rest. Or totear off the blank sheets and staple them to make a new notebook. The same happens with filing cabinets, we can always reuse it as a photo album or to archive documents. For more tips like this, you can check Reccyclopedia.

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