Two men have been transferred this Monday to the Costa del Sol hospital after suffering a collision between a motorcycle and a bicycle on Avenida Ricardo Soriano in Marbella, in the most central area of ​​the city, as reported by the 112 Emergency Service.

The service has received the notice at 1:55 p.m., and they have traveled to the place local police officers and health workershave pointed.

As they have indicated, in the central avenue of Marbella there has been “a collision between a motorcycle and a bike”, resulting in “wounded” two men aged 34 and 56 old, who have been transferred to the Costa del Sol hospital.

Accident between a car and the Málaga Metro

The accident in Marbella and the two new injuries due to a traffic accident on the roads of Malaga happened not even 24 hours after the collision was recorded between a car and the Málaga Metro which ended this past Sunday with four injuries, resulting in one of the occupants of the vehicle trapped after the crash. The injured man needed to be released by firefighters, according to the Malaga City Council.

The events occurred around 8:00 p.m., when the subway hit a vehicle at the bus stop. Consulin Teatinos, after it had invaded the tracks after skipping the traffic light signal, according to the first hypotheses.

The crash occurred at the line 1on the overpass of the railway at the Consul station, next to the athletics tracks, which caused the derailment of one of the subway cars in the roundabout and the disruption of the service. This morning the track has been cleaned and on Monday the trains have been able to circulate normally.

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