Agents of the National Police have detained in Marbella two men, aged 42 and 60, for their alleged responsibility in a crime of robbery with force, after They entered the plot of a house under construction after forcing a wire fence outside and climb a wall. The alert voice was given by the person in charge of the farm, who lives in an adjoining house, as reported by the National Police in a statement.

The events took place this past Monday, January 10, at around 3:30 p.m., on a farm in the vicinity of the Marbella bus station. A notice to CIMACC 091 alerted to the presence of two intruders on a parcel of an uninhabited house, under construction.

Specifically, the person responsible for the farm and harmed by the incident was the person who notified the Police after surprising two strangers on the plot, who were They came to face and threaten him.

When they were discovered, the suspects fled, although they were finally located in the vicinity. The agents detained one of the assailants hidden in bushes and the other, crouched between some vehicles. Also, among their belongings, the patrol intervened tools and supplies with which they forced the wire fence of the farm, as well as the key to a van, located next to the bus station.

Similarly, continuing with the investigations, the agents discovered that the van, in which those investigated were traveling, had been rented by one of them in a Marbella company dedicated to the leasing of vehicles, and that had not been returned on time, according to the conditions of the contract.

According to the facts denounced by the businessman and legitimate owner of the van, the lessee had been with the vehicle for more than a week – counted from the agreed return date -, making constant excuses for its delivery.

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