The Marbella City Council workers have concentrated this Monday in the Plaza de los Naranjos to show your rejection of the Adjustment Plan approved by the government team last September, as well as asking for an urgent meeting with the mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, and that the social council of the city be convened.

The president of the works council – a body that represents labor employees-, Silvia Moreno, has highlighted that a calendar has been drawn up of mobilizations, which will be held until October 29, and in them a twenty union delegates so as not to harm the municipal public service.

The agreement has been unanimously adopted both by the works council and the Staff Board – which represents the officials-, after the refusal of the government team to eliminate the Adjustment Plan of chapter 1, that is to say, that of Personnel, after the meetings held between the labor party and the public representatives.

Moreno has regretted that the local government raised the public employees the Adjustment Plan “two days before taking it to the plenary session without us knowing absolutely nothing “, which” has to be reviewed every three months by the municipal intervention “, so that up to now it has not been possible to calculate how it will affect the workforce. In addition, he has criticized “the lack of information, documentation and the unnecessary of making an adjustment plan in chapter 1”.

For his part, the Chairman of the Staff Board, Antonio Millán, has valued that the plan “freezes chapter 1 for 10 years and the only measurements are or a drop in salary or the amortization of places”.

Therefore, it has requested an “exceptional” solution for the Marbella Town Hall, underlining that “you have to take political and unity measures, both of the government team and the citizens, and that there were other means of solution for Marbella ”. “Marbella is exceptional and needs an exceptional political solution,” he said.

He has also asked meet with the mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, So what the Social Council is convened, that “it is where all the associations and all the social representatives of Marbella are represented”, so that “everyone knows that this is an exceptional problem and that exceptional measures must be taken”.

The Plenary of the City Council approved the adjustment plan on September 13 in an extraordinary session to qualify for State Management Fund with the aim of paying another 43 million from judicial decisions of the time of the Independent Liberal Group (GIL).

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