The National Police detained a 17-year-old young man in the night from Wednesday to Thursday in Marbella for his alleged participation in a crime of robbery with force. The arrested was caught red-handed when he forced the lock on a construction site. In the immediate vicinity, the agents located a motorcycle with the keys in place, and inside the luggage rack, a radial cutter.

The police action took place at midnight on December 16 at a work located on Juanar street, in Marbella. The agents commissioned by the Intelligent Command, Communication and Control Center (CIMACC) 091 attended the scene upon receiving a call reporting a robbery.

Two crews came to the area and, upon arrival, found a suspect on the site, a young man who was manipulating the padlock of a booth. Seeing himself surprised, the boy tried to flee, but was eventually intercepted by the agents when he tried to jump the access fence, they have reported from the National Police in a statement.

During an inspection of his belongings, a tool called a parrot beak was used. In addition, after a search at the scene, the officials found, in one of the accesses to the work, a motorcycle with the keys in it that I had inside from the luggage rack a radial cutter -possibly from the theft-.

The agents detained the suspect for his alleged responsibility in a crime of robbery with force and they transferred him to the police station.

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