Alleged sexual assault on a minor in Marbella by a young man who took care of him. After an assessment by the local hospital, which established the usual protocol in these cases, the child’s mother reported the facts to the National Police, who proceeded to arrest the suspect.

Apparently, the minor – whose age has not transcended – went to the Costa del Sol Hospital in Marbella, where the toilets subjected him to the corresponding examinations. Next, they established the protocol for action and intervention in situations of abuse and aggression.

It was then that the minor’s mother went to the Marbella National Police Station and denounced the facts. The investigators then arrested a 25-year-old young man, who would have been a caregiver for the minor victim of the assault, as the suspect.

For now, the investigation continues to be opened by the agents of the National Police with the aim of clarifying what occurred.

Alleged rape of two young people, also in Marbella

Last Thursday, June 1, in the same municipality, there was allegedly a rape of two young men The victims reported to the National Police that they had been victims of a crime of sexual assault by three young people, two of them minors. The suspects were arrested, police sources confirmed to this newspaper.

Two girls of Nordic origin who were passing through the province got in touch through social networks with other young people who were also temporarily in the town of Marbella. Both groups exchanged messages and quoted. The tourists went to the address where the alleged attackers, with Swedish passports, were spending the night. Once in the place, allegedly they had been raped, so the young women went to the Maternal and Child Hospital, located in the capital of Malaga, where the doctors activated the protocol for suspicion of sexual assault.

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