The Device for the Prevention and Extinction of Forest Fires in Andalusia, the Infoca Plan, has reported through its Twitter account of a new fire in Mijas, specifically at kilometer 203 of the AP7. Apparently, a burning car on the highway was the origin of the fire, as confirmed to this newspaper by the General Directorate of Traffic. Although at 19:20 the fire has been stabilized, the right lane of the AP-7 at kilometer 203, in Entrerríos, remains chopped up to circulation.

The air and ground media They are still working on the ground to try to control the flames. According to the latest Infoca update, one Super Feather helicopter (K-70), two helicopters (L-7, M-7), one Gremaf command helicopter (H-4), two Kamov (KZ-0, K-4) , one aircraft (ACO4), two ground cargo aircraft (T-4, T-7), one Foca, three operations technicians, two Erica, three fire engines, an advanced fire analysis and monitoring unit, a medical unit of forest fires and an environmental agent, in addition to 80 ground troopsare in the area.

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