Was dedicated to steal buckets of work and paint them in another color for later, rent them. It is the procedure that, allegedly, he used in Marbella a businessman of the gardening sector that has been detained by the National Police.

The arrest took place on November 16, as reported by the National Police in a statement on Thursday. According to the investigation, the 50-year-old suspect used container trucks to remove the vats, which he then transferred to a plot of his property where they were painted in another color in order not to be identified. The ultimate purpose of the vats would be their rental to third parties.

The investigation, carried out by agents attached to the Group of Thefts of the Marbella Police Station, began on the occasion of the continuous removal of rubble vats in the town of Malaga.

The Judicial Police received several complaints of affected people, counting since September and until recently the theft of eight containers, valued at a total of 18,800 euros, as reported by the Local Police in a statement.

Investigators were following the trail of the alleged perpetrator of the events when, in parallel, a Citizen Security patrol was required by one of the complainants, that claimed to have located a vat of his property -denounced as stolen- in a Marbella urbanization.

The injured recognized a weld rivet in a specific area of ​​the tank and, furthermore, he noticed that it had been painted green, showing its original blue color in some parts of the container itself. Thus, after the corresponding steps, the Police handed over the tank, as a deposit, to its owner, also identifying a person who claimed to have it. rented for 120 euros to a third party.

Similarly, continuing with the inquiries, the investigations led to identify an entrepreneur of the city, dedicated to the gardening business, who would be behind the alleged rental of the recovered rubble container.

Thus, additional proceedings confirmed that the suspect had removed several vats from the public highway with container trucks and later transferred them to a farm of his property, where he painted them in another color in order to avoid their identification.

In a search carried out on the plot of the investigated, the agents recovered three other vats stolen and found an excavation in which the rubble contained in them was thrown.

Finally, the National Police arrested the aforementioned businessman for his alleged involvement in eight crimes of theft and damage, having recovered four containers to date. The judicial authority knows the facts.

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