A child under 12 years of age has died this Monday at the Secondary School (IES) Sierra de Mijas, whose lifeless body has been transferred to the Institute of Legal Medicine of Malaga to perform an autopsy, as confirmed by the 112 Emergency Service.

As they have indicated, a call warned of the event around 11:50 indicating that “a student has fainted”, giving notice to the health services, the Mijas Local Police, the Civil Guard and the regional Police, have assured.

Once the operatives arrived at the center, the toilets have only been able to confirm “the death of a child under 12 years of age”, they have added, pointing out that everything seems to indicate that it has been caused by a “health cause”.

The lifeless body of the minor has been transferred to the Institute of Legal Medicine of Malaga to perform the “autopsy” that will determine the cause of death, as indicated by the Civil Guard, from where they have highlighted that the body “He has no symptoms of violent death.

From the educational center they have issued a statement informing of the death of the student and it is decreed that this Tuesday and Wednesday “the center will remain open at its usual time, but the planned subjects will not be taught.

To join the “pain of this family”, the institute will organize “activities according to it”, as well as “the psychological assistance of the Provincial Delegation, the Guidance Department, the Coexistence Classroom team and all the teachers who are in the right conditions for this purpose”.

Finally, the director of the institute mentions in the letter the Malaga Education Delegate, Mercedes García Painewho “through a telephone call has transmitted his condolences to me so that I can extend it to everyone, but very especially this family what a hard time he is going through”.

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