The National Police has intervened 230 kilos of cocaine in an operation in which a criminal network has been dismantled, based in the province of Malaga, with close ties to a well-known Galician clan linked to drug trafficking.

The investigators have arrested nine people in Malaga, Granada and Madrid for their alleged involvement in the crimes of belonging to a criminal organization, drug trafficking and illegal possession of weapons, the judicial authority having decreed the imprisonment of eight of those arrested.

Likewise, half a dozen searches have been carried out in the Malaga towns of Torremolinos and Marbella, Malaga capital, Granada and the Madrid municipality of San Agustín de Guadalix, intervening, in addition to the aforementioned cocaine, two kilograms of hashish, 234,000 euros in cash, a firearm and five vehicles –two ‘caleteados’–, among other effects.

The investigation, carried out jointly by agents assigned to Udyco Costal del Sol and their counterparts from Udyco Pontevedra, began last August as a result of information that pointed to a male, with several previous arrests for drug trafficking. in Malaga and Galicia, he would have resumed the illicit business related to drug trafficking.

Since the beginning of the operation, the investigators discovered connections between members of the investigated network and a well-known Galician clan, the National Police has indicated in a statement.

Continuing with the investigations, the Police detected that the group had several members and a clear division of functions among them. At the top of the hierarchy was the main investigator, 42 years old and based in the Malaga town of Torremolinos, who would lead the plot dedicated to the acquisition, storage and distribution of cocaine nationwide.

Along with the ringleader of the network, the participation of a woman of South American origin stands out -resident in Torremolinos (Málaga) and related to the Galician clan in the past-, who would be dedicated to transporting drugs in cars prepared to hide drugs in holes large capacity in the trunk, with hydraulic opening system.

Thus, the investigated would be in charge of carrying out the transport of substances, being able to verify displacements to the cities of Malaga, Granada, Madrid and Marbella, among others. One of these shipments was intercepted by the agents, who proceeded to seize more than 30 kilos of cocaine hidden in the ‘caleta’ of a vehicle.

On another step of the network, the organization had drug keepers, among them a person in charge of a body and paint shop in an industrial warehouse in Marbella.

There, the agents located, at the back of the building and blocked by other vehicles that made it difficult to access its interior, a ‘heated’ car in which more than 80 kilos of cocaine and a short firearm prepared for use were involved.

The organization also had other nurseries in a home belonging to another of those investigated, in Churriana, in the capital of Malaga, where a dump was located that housed more than 50 kilograms of cocaine, and, on the other hand, a building belonging to the Madrid municipality of San Agustín de Guadalix, where another 30 kilos of the same substance were seized and its inhabitant was arrested with the collaboration of the Central Narcotics Brigade.

The dismantled network also had several drug distributors in the provinces of Malaga and Granada, highlighting among them the figure of an investigator who was arrested in the capital of Granada and who seized more than 140,000 euros in cash from the illicit business.

In the operation, the agents carried out nine arrests -six in the province of Malaga, two in Granada and another in Madrid-, as well as six searches -two in Torremolinos, one in Marbella, one in Malaga, one in Granada and another in Saint Augustine of Guadalix.

Those arrested in the framework of the ‘Papito’ operation, as it has been called, were placed at the disposal of the competent judicial authority, which ordered eight of them to be remanded in custody. The facts are known by the Investigating Court number 5 of Torremolinos.

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