The Estepona City Council has organized an extensive program of activities to commemorate on May 5 the Poetry Day in Estepona -which it agreed to create in the cultural calendar to strengthen links with letters, artistic creation and poetry-, a day in which the ruling of the ‘II International Prize for Poetry City of Estepona’as reported on Monday by the Consistory.

The delivery of literary contest awardorganized by the City Council and the direction of the poet and novelist Alejandro Simón Partal, will take place in the Felipe VI Auditorium, at 9:00 p.m..

Event attendees will be able to enjoy of the concert by the singer Soleá Morente, daughter of the legendary Enrique Morente, who has become one of the most innovative and interesting voices in contemporary flamenco. In addition, the event will feature performance by the dancer Farruquito. Free invitations to attend this event can be picked up from today at the Padre Manuel Cultural Center.

The winner of the ‘II Estepona City International Prize’ will receive a economic prize of 6,000 euros and it will be published in the prestigious editorial Pre-Textos, which has one of the best catalogs of poetry in the Spanish language; thus being one of the most relevant contests on the national scene.

A this second edition 1,445 original manuscripts have been submitted from numerous countries, thus confirming the national and international impact of this municipal initiative to support culture and creators, which has already become one of the contests with the highest participation in Spain.

In addition to the jury’s decision, the Consistory has scheduled other free poetic and literary activities that will take place that same day in different parts of the city. Thus, at 11 a.m. at MaduBar, located in Plaza Doctor Arce, the workshop ‘We have a home: poetry as a refuge’which will be given by the writer and journalist Braulio Ortiz Poole.

The day will continue at 12 noon with the discovery of two new works added to the Poetry Route. The first will be installed in the Doña Francisca Contreras passage, on Seville street, and will contain some verses by Juan Antonio Bernier, winner of the ‘I Estepona City International Poetry Prize’ for his work ‘Previous Fruit’. The second plate will be located on the sirena street staircase and in it you can read a poem by Jaime Siles, member of the Poetic Group of the ‘Novísimos’ and president of the jury of the ‘II International Poetry Prize’.

The morning activities will end at 1 pm with a ‘Poetic Vermouth’ at the Huber Gallery, in calle San Antonio, 27, with a recital by the poets Lara Moreno and Jaime Siles.

In the afternoon, at 5:00 p.m., the ‘Literary Café’ is planned in Plaza Blas Infante, in which the Professor of Spanish Literature, María Ángeles Navalwill give the conference ‘After women’s writing’ and once it is finished, the Casa de Las Tejerinas will host at 6:00 p.m. the presentation of the poetic anthology ‘The silence that screams’coordinated by Inês Branco López, programmer of the Lisbon and Sintra Film Festival.

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