A doctor attached to the Primary Care Emergency Service (SUAP) of Las Lagunas de Mijas has denounced the physical assault suffered this past Christmas day when he was going to attend to a man who apparently was unconscious in the middle of the street in the Malaga town and who allegedly and without a word, punched him in the eye, so he had to go to the hospital.

The events, as reported by the Malaga Medical Union, took place around 4:30 in the morning of December 25, after a call alerting that a person was supposedly unconscious on public roads in the town of Mijas.

A team from the Primary Care Emergency Service (SUAP) of Las Lagunas traveled to the scene by ambulance, confirming that a man is lying on the street. “When the doctor leans in to see the user’s status and ask what had happened to him, without a word or other action, he is punched over the left eye area causing a trauma for which he had to be treated later in hospital“They have pointed out from the SMM.

The doctor has denounced the facts and informed the Costa del Sol Health District Management, who has made himself available to the doctor, in the same way that the union has offered his support and your legal services in case you need them.

The Malaga Medical Union once again denounces “all kinds of physical and verbal assaults on health personnel and he continues to be outraged when a professional in his job helps a person who is supposedly with health problems and receives a punch. “

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