A large device made up of more than 200 agents of the Civil Guard has been deployed since 6:00 this Wednesday in the towns of Algeciras, Los Barrios, Marbella and Seville in an operation against money laundering from drug trafficking, sources from the Meritorious have informed this newsroom.

So far a dozen searches have been carried out and several people have been arrested. Participating in the deployment are civil guards from the commanderies from Algeciras, Cádiz and Seville, as well as members of the Rapid Action Group (GAR).

One of the areas in which the agents are carrying out searches is in the Algeciras neighborhood of wild olive treea few blocks from Embarcadero Avenue where the National Police Station is located.

Sources from the armed institute have detailed that they are some 200 troops are carrying out searches since early in the morning, although no further details about the arrests have yet been released.

In the operative Agents from the Algeciras, Malaga and Seville commands participate, as well as from the Coordination Body against Drug Trafficking (OCON-Sur), the Regional Center for Analysis and Intelligence against Drug Trafficking (CRAIN) and the Rapid Action Group.

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