The National Police has dismantled in a Estepona house one of the points of drug sale most active in the town and has arrested four men as allegedly responsible for crimes against public health and illegal possession of weapons. What’s more, a drone has been intervened state-of-the-art with which the alleged plot monitored that transactions were carried out without police presence.

In the search in the property where the sale took place, the agents have also seized a firearm, 2,700 grams of hashish, 170 grams of marijuana and 1,415 euros in cash, as reported from the provincial police station in a statement.

The investigation began as a result of some information that pointed to an alleged point of sale of drugs in a property in the center of Estepona, which had also generated a climate of social alarm in the neighborhood.

Agents of the National Police, specifically of the UDEV of the Estepona Police Station, with the collaboration of the Local Police, verified that there was an important movement of people that he was going to a flat to acquire narcotic substances, carrying out drug transactions in exchange for money with total impunity.

Continuing with the inquiries around the home, the identification of the people who traveled to acquire the drug and the apprehension of the drug were carried out simultaneously. In this way, the Police were paving the ground until fully identify the ringleader of the plot already three other members of the group.

Finally, in order to dismantle the point of sale, the investigators made a search in the house used as a base of operations with authorization from the judicial authority. Inside the home, the latest generation drone was intervened, as well as 2,700 grams of hashish, 170 grams of marijuana, 1,415 euros in cash and a firearm 7.65 caliber.

The apartment in question, considered by the researchers as one of the most active points of sale of narcotic substances in the town, had various security measures, among which stood out an armored anti-squatting door in order to make it difficult for the Police to enter.

Therefore, the four alleged participants in the crimes of drug trafficking and illegal possession of weapons –three Spanish citizens and one of Moroccan origin, between 27 and 36 years old – were arrested, decreeing the competent judicial authority the entry into preventive detention of three of them.

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