The National Police has dismantled a criminal network based in the province of Malaga dedicated to the cocaine trafficking in covered vehicles, that is, with double funds. In the framework of this investigation, the agents they have arrested ten people, for his alleged participation in the crimes of drug trafficking and belonging to a criminal organization.

It has been realized half a dozen records in the provinces of Málaga, Córdoba, Jaén and Toledo, involving 12 motor vehicles with double funds to transport the substance, 3.3 kilos of cocaine, more than 60,000 euros, a hydraulic press, a heat sealing machine, useful for the preparation and cutting of the drug, among other effects . The Court of Instruction number 4 of Marbella has taken over the case.

The operation, called Cleaner It has been developed by agents attached to the Udyco Costa del Sol and it was started from information about a organized group based in Malaga capital and Marbella, which would be dedicated to the importation of significant consignments of cocaine for its later commercialization, in smaller steps, by members of related organizations.

As a result of the investigations carried out, the researchers detected that the network had several homes far from the Malaga coast where members of the network “cooked” drugs and hid it for later sale. Thus, the National Police discovered how a floor in the Toledo town of Illescas had been conditioned in a laboratory with all kinds of utensils for the preparation and cutting of the substance, in this case cocaine.

Continuing with the inquiries, the agents of the Udyco Costa del Sol intercepted, in two devices in Malaga and in the Cordovan town of Cabra, two hidden vehicles, that is, with double bottoms in which the drug was hidden, being located two and one kilograms of cocaine, respectively. In the operation was supported by canine guides.

According to the procedures carried out, the cocaine was stored in safe buildings by members of the criminal group for their subsequent distribution in different games to different criminal organizations also dedicated to drug trafficking in the province of Malaga.

Finally, within the framework of said operation, half a dozen searches were carried out in Malaga, Marbella, Cabra, Lucena, Linares and Illescas, with the result of ten people being arrested and the intervention of 12 cars, 3.3 kilograms of cocaine, 60,985 euros in cash, a hydraulic press, a heat sealing machine, a wide variety of tools for the preparation and cutting of the drug, documentation of interest for research, mobile telephony, among other purposes.

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