Travelers on line 79 were heading to San Pedro Alcántara from Estepona almost at midnight when they suffered an attempted film robbery. A hooded robbed the bus, threatened to the driver and the pointed with a gun while asking them to give him the money from the box.

The events occurred around 11:40 p.m. this Wednesday, on the A-7, still in the municipality of Estepona. When the driver stopped the bus at antenna parkThere was nothing foreshadowing that an individual with a hood and half-covered face would mount, to avoid being recognized, and ask for all the money.

That stop is located a few meters from the Cancelada stop, says one of the passengers who was on the bus, it is very dark, far from shops and homes and there are no nearby security cameras either. As they were getting closer, he recounts that he saw a traveler dressed in red at the marquee, who seconds later got on the bus. In the distance, another man was running so as not to lose transport or so he thought at first. “I saw him and I thought he was just another passenger because he was late,” she says.

But, just setting foot on the bus, the suspect grabbed the passenger from behind who had just gotten into the vehicle -who was still standing at the entrance- as a way of hostage, indicates the passenger, who was sitting in the first seat since she is pregnant. With a gun, which it has not yet been possible to determine if it was real or fictitious, she went towards the driver shouting: “Give me the money!”, she recalls.

However, the driver, always according to this traveler’s version, never gave in to her threats, so the alleged offender himself tried to take the money from the box, to which the driver also resisted. At that moment, and given the difficulty in achieving his goal, the individual left the bus and fled across the highway.

Although the passenger sitting in the front row confesses to being “in shock”, she recounts that at one point she managed to turn around to look at the rest of the citizens who were traveling in the vehicle and saw them all “on the ground, with their hands on their head protecting and in absolute silence“.

After the events and despite the scare, one of the witnesses managed to pick up his phone and call the Andalusia 112 Emergency service to alert them of what had happened. In his call, he assured that no one had been injured, they have informed this newspaper from the coordination center.

Immediately, the National Police was activated, which has taken over the investigation to try to clarify what happened. For now, no arrests have been made.

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