About a hundred troops will ensure security during the night of San Juan in the municipality of Marbella, which has enabled 6 special areas for burning bonfires during the celebration of the magical day, as reported this Wednesday by the Councilor for Citizen Security, José Eduardo Díaz. This was highlighted by the municipal official at a press conference, in which he was accompanied by the General Director of Environment and Beaches , Victoria Martín Lomeña, and the head of Civil Protection of Marbella, Jesús Eguía. The mayor has pointed out that this security operative will be “one of the most important” that the Consistory is going to “deploy throughout the year, and above all, ornot the most complex that are going to be carried out during the summer”, which is coordinated by the “municipal emergency service”. San Juans night if it is celebrated anywhere par excellence, it is on the beaches, already being such a deep-rooted custom and tradition, that once the pandemic is over we are convinced that it will be one of the areas of maximum affluence during that night of the whole city” has valued the mayor. To this, Díaz has added “the large number of visitors that the town has at the moment, which “forces the City Council to deploy a combined special operative with different units, where the main weight will fall on the Marbella Local Police”, which this year “will have for that day more than 55 troops that will be distributed throughout all the beaches of the municipal area”, he has referred. In this way, the councilor has detailed that the agents of the local security body will have “6 quads” for the control and surveillance of the coast, as well as it will be reinforced with the support of “3 intervention units” of the National Police, due to “the high congregation of people“which is expected with the events organized for the Night of San Juan on the El Cable de Marbella and La Salida de San Pedro Alcántara beaches. Likewise, the person in charge of the area has added that the Civil Protection volunteers will ensure safety, for which they will deploy mechanical means such as “two quads” and “three vehicles” on all the beaches, with a “total of 10 troops”. In addition, health services will participate in the most magical night of the year with two basic life support ambulances and two ICUs, as well as the Red Cross collaborating with another unit, so there will be 15 health professionals.

On the other hand, Díaz has indicated that the Firefighters will participate in the special device of the Night of San Juan “as it is a day of bonfires and fireworks”, so it will require “extra reinforcement” with the deployment of two heavy urban fire trucks, a forestry truck and 9 troops, along with the collaboration of “12 private security guards”.

For her part, the director of Beaches has recalled that the City Council has published a decree that regulates the use of the coast for the magic day, in which exceptionally authorized the realization of bonfires by individuals on the beaches of San Pedro, Nueva Andalucía (next to the Moragas area), El Cable and El Pinillo (from the eastern wall of Puerto de la Bajadilla to Río Real); Alicate and Real de Zaragoza (next to Plaza Los Tamarindos, in Las Chapas Urbanization, next to Chiringuito Siroco and next to the Moragas area of ​​Las Chapas).

Martín Lomeña recalled that in these spaces “only the use of wood will be allowed as fuel for the bonfires” and in no case will the burning of plastics or glass that could generate danger or degrade the sand of the beach be allowed. In addition, it must keep a safety distance of at least 8 meters with the different facilities and equipment of the beaches in order to guarantee integrity.

Exceptionally, the beach bars that have previously communicated and have permission they will be able to carry out a controlled bonfirebeing the concessionaires responsible for the safety and cleanliness of the occupied area, having to remove the remains and residues of the bonfire and clean the area once it has been extinguished and in any case before 04:00.

Also, the document prohibits the use of uncontrolled volatile ignition points such as incandescent lanterns and exceptional authorization In no case does it cover the performance of other activities that require express permission from this City Council or other bodies.

On the other hand, he has indicated that the cleaning service will start from 04.00 hours on June 24, for which reason the collaboration of citizens in order to guarantee an adequate development of the works.

On the other hand, he has pointed out that on the beaches of San Pedro, Nueva Andalucía, El Cable, El Pinillo, Alicate and Playa de Real de Zaragozain which the making of bonfires by individuals has been exceptionally authorized, public toilets located on the sand and on the seafront will be open all nighthaving additional cleaning staff.

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