A judge has withdrawn custody of her son from a mother considering that she lives «In the deep Galicia», granting custody to the father, who resides in Marbella. As published by La Voz de Galicia, the judge believes that residing in the area of ​​the Muros y Noia estuary, in the province of A Coruña, which is where the woman lives, «does not suppose multiple possibilities for the adequate development of the personality of a child and to grow up in a happy environment.

Thus, the Court of First Instance of Marbella has awarded custody to the father, allowing only joint custody in the event that the mother moved from Galicia to the Costa del Sol.

The ruling defines the town of Marbella as «A cosmopolitan city, with a good hospital and all kinds of schools to educate a child, public or private. The judge affirms that living in this city offers a greater number of possibilities for the development of the minor, “which does not happen with the very small population in the deep Galicia” in which the mother resides. According to her, the Gallera town is “far from everything and there are no job options.”

Apparently, the woman moved from Galicia for work and met the boy’s father. The man moved to Marbella two years ago, where the little boy was born. Last summer, the couple separated and she decided to return to Galicia, wanting both to ask for joint custody.

The mother’s lawyer is going to file a formal complaint with the disciplinary commission of the General Council of the Judiciary for the attitude of the judge, also requesting the annulment of the trial because she maintains that there was no impartiality and that the evidence provided by the court was not analyzed. mother.

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