The National Police has stopped last April 29 in Estepona a 53-year-old man for his alleged involvement in a exhibitionism crime.

The arrested was surprised while masturbatingapparently, next to a playground located on the town’s seafront, in the presence of minors, as indicated by the National Police in a statement.

The events took place around 4:30 p.m. playground located on the avenue of Spain. A call to 091 reported that a man was in the area with his pants down and touching himself.

It was a British citizen and local resident who sounded the alarm. She was in the place with his son, a minor, when she noticed the presence of a man, behind some hedges next to the playground, in a vigilant attitude.

After the woman changed her position to better observe the suspect, she was able to see how he was with his pants and underwear down to his knees and that, in addition, he was masturbating in front of the park, where at that time several children were playing.

Upon being discovered, supposed exhibitionist quickly pulled up his pants and started walkingentering an upcoming trade.

The citizen, who has denounced the facts in police offices, informed the acting patrol of the place where the suspect was. Finally, the agents identified and located the alleged perpetrator, who was arrested for his alleged involvement. The Investigating Court number 4 of Estepona is aware of the facts.

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