A man has been arrested in the municipality of Mijas after falling down a slope, embed his car in a house in the Campo Mijas urbanization and assault the agents who helped him in the event, for which he has been brought to justice for the alleged “crimes of attack on authorityinjuries and threats”, as reported by the Local Police.

The events took place two weeks ago, when the local security body received a call in operating base, warning that “a vehicle had been involved in an accident” in the aforementioned residential area, as published on the social network facebook.

When the agents of the Local Police Intervention Unit appeared at the scene, they verified how said vehicle in an accident, “at seemed to have lost control on a curvefalling down a gap until finally embedded inside a house”.

After collecting the version of the owner of the property about the event, the agents “verified that the driver of the vehicle was inside” of it, so they proceeded to identify and interrogate him, according to the local security body.

At this time, the accidentshowed a very violent and aggressive attitude, both with the agents and with the owner of the house, repeatedly insulting and threatening them, without relenting in their attitude, and finally coming to attack” the policemen, to what it caused “serious injuries”.

Next, “the agents managed to restrain the driver by informing him that he was arrested as alleged perpetrator of a crime of assault on authorityof injuries and threats, the agents instructing criminal proceedings against him and being transferred to the Civil Guard offices for his subsequent judicial disposition.

Finally, the injured vehicle “was removed from the scene with the private towing service, the agents restoring road traffic in the area,” they have pointed out.

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