The National Police has detained in Estepona to a 42-year-old man, as he presumedor responsible for five robberies with force in catering establishments of the town.

The police inquiries targeted a person with unspecialized methods and that he could reside in the area, given the short time between the events and the proximity between establishments. The detainee was made available to the Court of Instruction of Guard number four of Estepona, has reported from the National Police in a statement.

The first inquiries pointed to four robberies, all perpetrated during the early morning hours between November 14 and 23, in a delimited area of ​​Estepona. All the events shared a similar methodology, not very sophisticated and without exhaustive planning.

The investigations carried out together with the systematic used made the agents suspect that the author of the robberies I could know the establishments or resided in the vicinity.

All the premises had fractures or forcing in doors and windows without any specialized technique. The interior of them showed little damage, only stolen electronic devices such as televisions, stereos, speakers, as well as cash from the cash register and tips.

The steps taken by the investigators in an identification device revealed that the possible perpetrator would be a middle-aged man, who He frequented one of the robbed businesses as a client.

The agents proceeded to locate and arrest the alleged perpetrator, when he was in a bar in the vicinity of the area where most of the robberies occurred.

After the arrest, a search was made in his home, where the clothes he used to carry out his blows were intervened, effects from thefts, as well as a gasoline cutting edge and an air compressor among other effects.

The arrested, who He was charged with a total of five robberies with force, was made available to the Court of Instruction number Four of Estepona.

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